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Intelligent Grip Anti-Shake Phone Holder with 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Design

Intelligent Grip Anti-Shake Phone Holder with 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Design

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Benefits :

  1. Easy and Convenient Picture Taking: Capture photos effortlessly anytime, anywhere.
  2. Strong Magnetic Suction: Securely pick up and place the device with a powerful magnetic suction feature.
  3. Versatile Rotatable Design: Switch between taking selfies or capturing scenery with ease.
  4. Comfortable and Durable Handle: Ergonomic anti-skid design provides stability and durability.
  5. Dual-Purpose Desktop Stand: Tilt up to 12.5 degrees for photo and desktop stand functionality.
  6. Hidden Suspension Magnetic Suction: Strong magnetic absorption ensures stability during phone operations.
  7. Preferred Materials: Environmentally safe ABS support and PU leather handle for chemical resistance.
  8. Enhanced Stability: Improve photo capturing by increasing stability for capturing beautiful moments easily.


Easily take pictures anytime, anywhere! 

Strong magnetic suction, easy to pick and place! 

With the rotatable design, you can freely switch between taking selfies or taking pictures of scenery!

1. Comfortable handle:  Anti-skid ergonomic design, fitting camera leather, durable. Inspired by the camera like handle, it makes photography more stable
2. Rotatable design:  A simple rotation axis, which can be switched automatically, and the angle can be tilted to 12.5 degrees. It is not only a photo stand, but also a desktop stand
3. Hidden suspension magnetic suction:  Strong absorption, no fear of turbulence. Strong suction, stable mobile phone operation, no need to worry about mobile phone falling off
4. Preferred material:  The support is made of ABS material, which is environmentally safe and refuses to be processed with returned materials, without peculiar smell; The handle is made of PU leather with excellent chemical and hydrolytic resistance
5. Make photography more stable:  Capture beautiful moments, increase stability by holding with one hand, and reduce picture jitter. Leather gives you a better feel, and you won't be tired after shooting for a long time. Compact design, it can be placed in any pocket or bag, small body, easy to carry

Product information:

Type: wireless charging bracket
Applicable scenario: short video
Color: black, dark blue, pink, dark purple
Style: basic style - camera bracket
Material: ABS+PU+magnet

Product size:

11.2 * 8.3 * 3.5cm

Packing list:




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Khaled Ali
Very Good

Good product and excellent to use

Thank you for your kind response