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Foldable Waterproof Travel Bag

Foldable Waterproof Travel Bag

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Benefits :

1. Foldable Waterproof Travel Bag: Offers a foldable travel bag that is waterproof, providing convenience and protection during travel.
2. Large-capacity Folding Travel Bag: Provides a spacious bag with a large capacity, allowing for ample storage of travel essentials.
3. Best Companion in Travel: Serves as the perfect travel companion, ensuring ease and convenience on your journeys.
4. Versatile Carrying Options: Can be carried by hand, on the shoulder, or attached to a suitcase using the additional opening design, offering flexible and convenient carrying methods.
5. Good Material, Comfortable to Bear: Made with high-quality material, ensuring durability and providing comfort even when carrying heavy loads.
6. Product Category: Travel Bag/Travel Bag: Falls under the category of travel bags, specifically designed to meet the needs of travelers.
7. Bag Size: Medium: Features a medium-sized bag, striking a balance between spaciousness and portability.
8. Capacity: 36-55L: Provides a generous capacity, allowing for the storage of a variety of items for longer trips.
9. Internal Structure of the Bag: Zipper Pocket, Mobile Phone Pocket, Document Pocket, Interlayer Zipper Pocket, Computer Pocket, Camera Pocket: Offers multiple compartments and pockets to effectively organize and secure your belongings.
10. Opening Method: Zipper: Equipped with a zipper opening, ensuring easy access and secure closure of the bag.
11. Material: Oxford Cloth: Constructed with durable and water-resistant Oxford cloth material, providing reliable protection for your belongings.
12. Strap Root Number: Double Root: Features double root straps, ensuring stability and optimal weight distribution when carrying the bag.
13. Carrying Parts: Soft Handle: Designed with a soft handle, providing comfortable grip and ease of carrying.
14. Function: Breathable, Multi-functional, Lightweight, Storage, Wear-resistant, Load-reducing, Dry and Wet Separation: Offers a range of functionalities, including breathability, versatility, lightweight construction, ample storage space, wear resistance, load reduction, and dry/wet separation compartments.
15. Types of Accessories: Luggage Belt: Includes a luggage belt, allowing for easy attachment to luggage for added convenience during travel.

Overview :

Large-capacity folding travel bag, the best companion in travel!
You can carry it by hand or on the shoulder, or put it on the suitcase via the additional opening design as well!

Good material, and comfortable to bear.

Product information :

Product category: travel bag/travel bag
Bag size: medium
Capacity: 36-55L
Internal structure of the bag: zipper pocket, mobile phone pocket, document pocket, interlayer zipper pocket, computer pocket, camera pocket
Opening method: zipper
Material: Oxford cloth
Strap root number: double root
Carrying parts: soft handle
Function: breathable, multi-functional, lightweight, storage, wear-resistant, load-reducing, dry and wet separation
Types of accessories: luggage belt
Color: black, light purple, ice blue, sweet pink, fruit green, fuchsia, cherry pink, medium gray


Packing list :

Travel Bag*1

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Customer Reviews

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Khaled Ali
very comfortable

I have been looking for something similar to this model for my wife for a long time... I think she will like it

Thank you for your kind response ... We hope that the model will satisfy her