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Professional Wireless Handheld Radio Intercom by TIENGU

Professional Wireless Handheld Radio Intercom by TIENGU

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Benefits :

1. LED Flashlight: The handheld radio intercom comes equipped with an LED flashlight, providing easy lighting whenever needed.

2. Built-in Android USB Interface: It has a built-in Android USB interface, allowing for easy data transfer and charging capabilities.

3. Compact and Portable: Compared to traditional walkie-talkies, this handheld intercom is compact and easy to carry, making it convenient for various situations.

4. Portable Back Clip: The intercom includes a portable back clip, offering added convenience for detachment and carrying.

Product features :

1. Comes with an LED flashlight for easy lighting.
2. Built-in Android USB interface, data charging is mastered.
3. Compared with the traditional walkie-talkie, it is compact and easy to carry.
4. With a portable back clip, it is more convenient to disassemble.

Product Description :

1. Color: black
2. Size: about 132*45*25mm/51.97*17.72*9.84in
3. Weight: about 113g
4. Use distance: about 1-3km/0.62-1.86mi
5. Frequency range: 400-480 (Mhz)
6. Number of channels: 16 (pieces)
7. Battery Type: Lithium battery
8. Working voltage: 3.7 (V)
9. Standby time:240h
10. Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Product lists :

1* host
1* back clip
1* lithium battery
1*USB charger

1* lanyard



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Customer Reviews

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Very Nice

The capabilities are okay... distance and channels... I hope the sound purity is good

Thank you for your kind response ..... The sound clarity is OK