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Colorful Crystal Luminous Wired Keyboard Mouse Set

Colorful Crystal Luminous Wired Keyboard Mouse Set

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Benefits :

1. Colorful Crystal Luminous Wired Keyboard Mouse Set:
- Offers a keyboard and mouse set with vibrant and eye-catching crystal luminous lighting.

Keyboard (Product name: keyboard):
2. Provides a high-quality keyboard with various features.
- Color: Available in black and white color options.
- Lighting mode: Features a colorful crystal glow lighting mode.
- Number of keys: Equipped with 104 keys for a full-sized layout.
- Transmission method: Offers a stable and reliable wired USB connection.
- Cable length: Includes a 1.5-meter cable for convenient use.
- Button life: Boasts a button life of 5 million times for durability.
- Key technology: Utilizes silk screen characters for clear key labels.
- Product size: Compact size of 445*135*26mm for space-saving.
- Multimedia keys: Supports convenient control of multimedia.
- Keycap type: Features suspended punk round keycaps for a unique aesthetic.
- Voltage/Current: Requires 5V/100mA for compatibility.
- Panel material: Uses gold frosted material for an elegant appearance.
- System support: Compatible with Windows XP/Win7/8, ISO.

Mouse (Product name: mouse):
3. Offers a mouse with multiple features designed for comfortable and smooth operation.
- Lighting mode: Features a marquee lighting mode for visual appeal.
- Interface: Connects via a USB2.0 interface.
- Number of keys: Equipped with 4 keys for essential functionality.
- Line length: Includes a 1.35-meter cable for flexibility.
- Size: Compact size of 115*64*38mm for portability and grip.
- Button life: Boasts a button life of ≥8 million times for durability.
- Three-speed DPI: Supports three-speed DPI (800-1200 1600dpi) for precise cursor control.
- Rated voltage/current: Requires 5V--100mA for compatibility.
- System requirements: Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/OSX.
- Ergonomics: Designed with ergonomic considerations for support and comfort.

Product information :

Product name: keyboard

Color: black, white
Lighting mode: colorful crystal glow
Number of keys: 104 keys
Transmission method: wired USB .
Cable length: 1.5 meters
Button life: 5 million times
Key technology: silk screen characters
Product size: 445*135*26mm
Multimedia keys: support.
Keycap Type: Suspended Punk Round.
Voltage/Current: 5V/100mA
Panel material: gold frosted
System support: Windows xp/win7/8,ISO

Keyboard size: 450*135*26mm
Mouse size: 115*64*38mm

Product name: mouse
Lighting mode: marquee
Interface: USB2.0
Number of keys: 4 keys
Line length 1.35m
Size 115*64*38mm
Button life: ≥8 million times
Three-speed DPI: 800-1200 1600dpi
Rated voltage/current: 5V--100mA
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/OSX
Ergonomics: Support


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Customer Reviews

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Hamza Assem

The shape is wonderful... and the pink lighting is very beautiful... but the lifespan of the buttons is more than 8 million times... it is exaggerated, I think.

Thank you for your kind response ... There may not be a direct warranty for this...but we have never had a complaint about this product