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Intelligent Security HD Night Vision Wireless Surveillance Camera - Apple Compatible

Intelligent Security HD Night Vision Wireless Surveillance Camera - Apple Compatible

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Benefits :

1. Two-Way Remote Dialogue: The camera features a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing for two-way remote dialogue. This enables users to communicate and interact with anyone near the camera, providing added convenience and security.

2. Real-Time Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere: With remote access via phone or tablet, users can monitor the camera's feed at any time and from anywhere. This allows for convenient and on-the-go monitoring, providing peace of mind.

3. Motion and Sound Detection: The camera supports motion and sound detection, enabling it to detect smoke and CO alarms. When triggered, it sends instant alarm notifications to keep users informed and alert.

4. Immersive Wide-Angle Lens: The camera's 120-degree wide-angle lens provides a sense of immersion, capturing a broader view of the surroundings. This ensures comprehensive monitoring coverage and enhanced visual experience.

5. Playback and Video Storage: In addition to real-time viewing, the camera offers the option to insert an SD memory card for video storage. This allows users to conveniently playback recorded footage at any time while having the flexibility to store video locally.

6. High-Definition Resolution: The camera boasts 1080P full high-definition resolution, delivering clear and crisp image quality. This ensures that every detail is captured accurately, providing reliable monitoring footage.

7. User-Friendly App: Users can easily control and manage the camera by downloading the "Mi Home" app from the Apple Store or Google Play. This intuitive app enhances the user experience and simplifies camera operation.

8. Wide Compatibility: The camera is compatible with Android devices with 4.0 or above and iOS devices with 8.0 or above. This wide compatibility ensures that users can connect and use the camera with their preferred devices.

9. Compact and Convenient Design: The camera has a compact size of 127.5mm X 60mm X 60mm, making it easy to install and suitable for various environments. Its sleek and user-friendly design enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

10. Easy Power Input: The camera operates on a DC 5V / 2A power input, providing a reliable and consistent power source.

11. Reliable Performance: The camera has a working temperature range of 0°C to 40°C and a working humidity of ≤90% (40°C room temperature environment), ensuring reliable performance in different conditions.


Non-Apple branded products, Compatible with iPhone models

Overview :

Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way remote dialogue
You can get to know the situation where you want to know by phone or tablet at any time or anywhere
Support motion and sound detection detects the smoke and CO alarm, sends you the alarm when it is triggered
120-degree wide-angle lens brings a sense of immersive screen
Playback at any time, in addition to real-time viewing, it can insert an SD memory card to store video for looking at any time
Max to support 32G extended TF card ( not included )
1080P full high-definition resolution provides a clear image
Please download the APP "Mi Home" from the Apple Store or Google Play
Support Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above system devices

Specification :

Basic parameters
Item name: Generous Smart Camera (1080P PTZ version)
Resolution: 1920X1080 (1080P)
Lens specifications: F2.3 aperture, 120 ° wide angle, 17mm, four pieces of all glass
Monitoring angle: horizontal 360 °, vertical 93 °
Infrared lamp: 6pcs, 940nm, 0.5W
Voice System: Real-time two-way voice
Connection method: WiFi 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
Storage function: microSD card / U disk (maximum support 32GB)
Product size: 127.5mm X 60mm X 60mm
Power input: DC 5V / 2A
Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40C
Working humidity: ≤90% (40 ° room temperature environment)
Supported devices: Android 4.0 or iOS 8.0 and above devices

Packing included :

camera X 1,
power cable x 1
Power adapter [CH] x1,
manual x1

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sayednassr zaher

Other than being a safety is suitable as a decorative piece

Thank you for your kind response