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Ultra-Large Capacity Metal USB Flash Drive - Compatible with Apple

Ultra-Large Capacity Metal USB Flash Drive - Compatible with Apple

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Benefits :

1. Compatibility with Apple and Non-Apple Products: This USB flash drive is compatible with both Apple and non-Apple branded products. It can be used with a wide range of devices, including iPhones models that support OTG function.

2. Mass Storage of Multiple Formats: The flash drive allows for mass storage of various formats, including video, music, pictures, and files. It can efficiently compress and package these files, maximizing storage capacity.

3. Easy Transmission and Unlimited Surprises: With this flash drive, you can easily transfer files and enjoy unlimited surprises. It supports USB playback on TVs and car audios, offering compatibility with 98% of USB devices available in the market.

4. Humanized and Stylish Design: The flash drive features a humanized and stylish design. Its body is made of high-quality metal, providing durability and resistance to falls. The design is also compact and exquisite, making it easy to carry wherever you go.


Non-Apple branded products, Compatible with iPhone models

Note: The phone must support OTG function, not the Apple phone
1. Mass storage of multiple formats: video/music/picture/file I compression package
2. Easy transmission, unlimited surprises, support for USB TV car audio playback, compatible with 98% of USB devices on the market
3. Humanized and stylish design, the body adopts a high-quality metal design, durable and resistant to falling, exquisite and compact, and easy to carry.


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نهال السيد

Nice USB flash .... good and hard work

Thank you for your kind response