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3-in-1 USB Digital Microscope

3-in-1 USB Digital Microscope

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Benefits : 

  1. Interpolated 200w camera pixels for high-resolution imaging.
  2. Best video resolution of 640*480 for clear footage.
  3. Built-in photo/video feature for convenient capturing.
  4. 8 white light LED lights with adjustable brightness.
  5. 5-stage digital zoom for closer observation.
  6. Manual adjustment of imaging distance (0-40mm).
  7. Magnification range of 0X to 1600X.
  8. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  9. USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1 compatible.
  10. Smooth video recording at 30 frames per second.
  11. Adjustable illumination range (0-30000LUX).

overview : 

Camera pixels: interpolated 200w pixels
Best video resolution: 640*480
Photo/video: built-in
Auxiliary light source: 8 white light L. ED lights (adjustable)
Digital zoom: 5-stage
Imaging distance: manual adjustment 0~40mm
Magnification: 0X~1600X
Supported systems: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OS
Computer interface: USB3.0, USB2.0 & USB 1.1 compatible
Dynamic frames: 30f/s Under 600 LUX Brightness
Illumination range: 0 ~ 30000LUX adjustable by wire
power supply:

Support languages: Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean and other 19 languages (other languages can be customized)

Type: Electron microscope
Model: X4 three in one
Eyepiece magnification: 1000
Objective lens magnification: 1000
Instrument magnification: 1000
Weight: 175 (g)
Resolution: VGA
Data format: YUY2
Output format (static): YUY2
Output format (static): BMP
Pixel size: 640*480
Frame rate: 30F/s
Signal to noise ratio: 42dB
Sensitivity: 2.5V/lux.s
Light source: positive white LED
Working current: up to 120mA
Working temperature: 20 ᄚ C -75 ᄚ C
Power input: USB-5V


Ordinary USBX4 does not contain bracket 500X,
  Ordinary USBx4 universal bracket 500X,
Ordinary USBX4 does not contain a stand 1000X,
Ordinary USBX4 universal bracket 1000X,
Ordinary USBX4 does not contain bracket 1600X,
Ordinary USBX4 universal bracket 1600X,
Three-in-one X4 universal bracket 1600X,
Three in one X4 without bracket 1600X


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ESSAM Mahmoud

Really interested in this product...especially if it can be used to show fabric textures

Thank you for your kind response ... You have the potential...but only you can determine whether this product is useful to you in your work or not