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Apple Compatible Handheld Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

Apple Compatible Handheld Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

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Benefits :

1. Apple Compatible: Works seamlessly with Apple devices.
2. Quick manual adjustment: Easily adjust the gimbal stabilizer for optimal performance.
3. Fine adjustments in up, down, left, and right directions: Achieve precise positioning for your shots.
4. Horizontal/vertical shot conversion: Automatically adjusts the shot based on hand movement.
5. Key center: Keep your subject in focus by easily adjusting the key center.
6. Full follow, left and right, and full lock three modes: Get versatile shooting options for different scenarios.
7. USB charging: Conveniently charge the stabilizer with its explosion-proof battery.
8. Handheld gimbal: Enjoy the flexibility and stability of a handheld gimbal.
9. Black color: Sleek and stylish design.
10. ABS material: Durable and reliable construction.
11. Voltage: 5 V: Compatible with standard power sources.
12. Rechargeable battery (built-in): Long-lasting battery for extended use.
13. Battery lasting: Provides up to 4 hours of continuous operation.


Non-Apple branded products, Compatible with iPhone models

Overview :

1 Quick manual adjustment
2 Fine adjustments in up, down, left, and right directions
3 Horizontal/vertical shot conversion (according to hand movement trend)
4 key center
5 Full follow, left and right, and full lock three modes
6USB charging (explosion-proof battery)

Specification :

Net weight (including battery): about 390 grams
Product size: 291 * 120 * 50mm
Product name: Handheld gimbal
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Voltage: 5 V
Battery: 1 x Rechargeable battery (built-in)
Battery lasting: About 4 hours
Size: About 291* 120* 50 mm
Bearing weight:240g
Support handheld size:160x80x9.0mm

Packing Content :

Handheld gimbal X1, USB Data cable X1, product manual X1, neutral color box

CJJJJTJT08087-Black A Set=CJJJJTJT08087-Black+

CJJJJTJT08087-Black B Set=CJJJJTJT08087-Black+

CJJJJTJT08087-Black C Set=CJJJJTJT08087-Black+

CJJJJTJT08087-Black D Set=CJJJJTJT08087-Black+
CJSJ106797201AZ+CJJJJTJT11826-Black+CJMK105474101AZ+CJXFXJSY00750-Black+ CJSJ106924101AZ

CJJJJTJT08087-Black E Set=CJJJJTJT08087-Black+

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ESSAM Mahmoud

Excellent and worth every cent paid for it

Thank you for your kind response