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Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet with Health Monitoring

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet with Health Monitoring

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Benefits :

- Real-time temperature measurement for health protection
- Convenient wrist thermometer for easy body temperature monitoring
- Upgraded chip for more accurate measurements
- Control body temperature changes in real-time for your loved ones

Overview :

1. One-key temperature measurement
Protect your health in real time
2. Thermometer on the wrist
All-weather body temperature can be measured by raising your hand, and the data is displayed on the screen
Simple and convenient, can be used by the elderly and children
3. Upgrade the chip for accurate measurement
Using superb technology sensors, automatically collect multiple sets of body temperature data
Data is more accurate, measurement is more secure
4. Give loving care to family members and control body temperature changes in real time
Tap the wristband touch button to switch to the body temperature interface, long press to measure
No complicated settings, easy operation for the elderly and children

Product Information :

Item No.: Smart Bracelet for Measuring Body Temperature
Applicable people: children, business, general public, fashion, adults, the elderly
Screen size: 0.96
Appearance size: 0.96
Material: tpu
Battery capacity: 90

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this Fitness Tracker is very good and the capabilities shown are excellent

Thank you for your kind response