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Magnetic Wireless Charger 4 In 1 Stand For Phone Wireless Charging Station For Apple Watch

Magnetic Wireless Charger 4 In 1 Stand For Phone Wireless Charging Station For Apple Watch

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Benefits :

1. Convenient and Versatile Charging: This 4-in-1 charger stand allows you to charge your phone and Apple Watch simultaneously, offering convenience and efficiency in one device.

2. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various phone brands, this wireless charging stand is designed to accommodate universal devices, making it suitable for most smartphones.

3. Stylish Design Options: Choose from color options like Beige Tree Branch, Gentlemanly Black Branch, and Gentlemanly Black Electroplating, allowing you to find a style that suits your preference and complements your surroundings.

4. Durable and Reliable Construction: The charger stand is made of high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use.

5. Space-Saving Design: With a product size of 166x136x141mm, the charger stand is compact, making it an ideal solution for saving space on your desk or nightstand.

6. Powerful Output Power: The charger stand provides efficient charging with a mobile phone output power of 9V-2A, headphone output power of 9V-2A, and watch output power of 5V-1A. This ensures fast and reliable charging for your devices.

7. Wireless Charging Technology: The charger stand utilizes wireless charging technology, allowing for a hassle-free charging experience without the need for tangled cables.

8. High Output Voltage: With an output voltage of 15W, the charger stand delivers sufficient power to charge your devices quickly and efficiently.

Description : 

Compatible with Apple, excluding Apple products

Product information :

Type: wireless charging stand
Model: TH02
Applicable brands: Universal
Color: Beige tree branch, gentlemanly black branch, gentlemanly black electroplating
Material: ABS

Product size: 166x136x141mm
Mobile phone output power: 9V-2A
Headphone output power: 9v-2A
Watch output power: 5V-1A
Output voltage: 15W
Product material: ABS material

Packing list :

Wireless charging*1

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Customer Reviews

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Khaled Ali

One of the best styles for charging stations that I have seen online... a wonderful piece of decor and good speed... but the price is high..?

Thank you for your kind response ... Regret, the price is compared to the quality... and you can also enjoy a 15% discount through the discount pop-up window.