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4 in 1 LED Desk Lamp Light Wireless Charger

4 in 1 LED Desk Lamp Light Wireless Charger

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Benefits :

  1. Supports QC3.0 or PD input power supply
  2. Stable output voltage of 5V ± 0.1V
  3. Up to 10W power output
  4. Adjustable light source with three-stage dimming
  5. Touch switch with warm light for eye protection
  6. Wide transmission distance of 8-10mm
  7. Conversion efficiency of more than 73%
  8. 360+10% Lm luminous flux
  9. Compact and portable design
  10. Easy to use and reliable charging.

[Input power supply] QC3.0 or PD
[Input voltage] DC4.3V~5.5V/1.5~2A, voltage beyond this range will alarm and stop charging
[Output voltage] 5V ± 0.1V
[Output power] up to 10W
7.5W for Iphone Max,
10W for Android phone Max,
5W for Iwatch Max,
2W for Airpods Max,
5W for Desk lamp Max
[Conversion efficiency] more than 73%
[Transmission distance] 8-10mm, the recommended receiving and transmitting distance is 2mm~4mm
[Light source] SMD2835 * 26PCS (three-stage dimming, 26 lamp beads)
[Switch] Touch switch+three color dimming (including warm light eye protection)
[Illumination] 1000+10% Lux (effective test distance 38CM)
[Luminous flux] 360+10% Lm

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Customer Reviews

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Hamza Assem

A very elegant and efficient product that is worth the slightly higher price

Thank you for your kind response