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Anti-Slip Auto Phone Holder - Sticky Dash Phone Mount for Car

Anti-Slip Auto Phone Holder - Sticky Dash Phone Mount for Car

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Benefits :

1. High-Quality Material: The phone holder is made of PVC material, which is not only healthy and odorless but also heat-resistant and durable.

2. Non-Slip and Easy Installation: The multifunctional non-slip mats do not require magnets or screws for installation. Simply place them on the dashboard, saving you time and effort.

3. 360° Rotation Phone Holder: The phone pad can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the positioning to your preferred angle, whether in horizontal or vertical orientation.

4. Built-in Aromatherapy Box: The anti-slip mat features an aromatherapy box on the edge, allowing you to add your favorite aroma diffuser to create a pleasant scent in your car.

5. Multifunctional Design: This cell phone holder serves multiple purposes, including aromatherapy, acting as a non-slip mat, and holding your phone securely while driving. It is suitable for various occasions, such as cars, RVs, boats, desks, and golf carts.

6. Versatile Colors Available: The anti-slip mat is offered in two color options, black and red edge or black and white edge, allowing you to choose the one that matches your style.

7. Easy Installation: The mat can be directly placed on the desired surface without the need for a complicated installation process.

8. Features Durability: The mat exhibits oil resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance, ensuring its long-lasting performance.

Overview :

High material: Made of high-quality PVC material, healthy and odorless, heat-resistant and durable.
Non-Slip Phone Pad for 4-in-1 Car: Our multifunctional non-slip mats do not require magnets and screws to install, and can be used simply by wearing them, which is simple and practical, saving you time.
Multifunction 360ᄚRotation Phone Holder: Our non-slip Phone pad is designed to rotate 360 degrees, whether it is horizontal or vertical, it can be adjusted at will to meet your different vision.
Built-in aromatherapy box: The edge of our car anti-slip mat is designed with aromatherapy holes. You can place your favorite aroma diffuser to fill the car with your favorite aroma.
Multifunction Cell Phone Automobile Pads & Mats: aromatherapy + non-slip mat number plate + mobile phone holder,  Suitable for all occasions, you can place items on the dashboard of cars, RVs, boats, desks, golf carts, etc.

Specifications :

Material: PVC
Product function: number plate + mobile phone holder + aromatherapy + non-slip mat
Color: B-28 anti-slip mat-black and red edge, B-28 luminous anti-slip mat-black and white edge
The installation method is directly placed without installation
Features: Oil resistance/flexibility/abrasion resistance and aging resistance

Black white edge 9125B: Luminous


Size Information :

Size: Approximately 25cm wide*19cm high

Package Content :

1*non-slip mat



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Very beautiful, practical and elegant inside the car.....but the price is somewhat high

Thank you for your kind response ... Try to take advantage of the 10% discount available on the website now