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Apple-Compatible Magnetic Split Protective Case with Pen Slot

Apple-Compatible Magnetic Split Protective Case with Pen Slot

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Benefits :

1. Convenient and Quick to Use: The split design of the case eliminates the traditional restrictions, allowing for easier and quicker usage. The built-in 51 powerful magnets ensure a secure attachment, preventing accidental detachment.

2. Enhanced Light Transmittance: The case significantly improves the light transmittance of the device, increasing it by 99%. This ensures clear and vibrant display quality without compromising visibility.

3. Complete Camera Protection: The case fully covers and protects the entire camera, providing comprehensive coverage and shielding against potential damage.

4. Hidden Pen Slot: The case features a concealed pen slot that allows for convenient and fast charging and adsorption of the Apple Pencil. This prevents the loss of the pencil, ensuring it is always within reach.

5. Comprehensive and Easy Protection: The soft-sided hard shell provides comprehensive protection for the device. It can be conveniently disassembled and assembled without causing any harm to the machine.

6. Corner Protection: The raised corners of the case are designed to withstand impact and sharp scratches. They provide an added layer of protection, safeguarding the corners of the device.

7. Slim and Lightweight Design: The case's slim and lightweight design adds a sleek and thin appearance to the device, making it visually appealing. It is only 1cm thick, making it highly portable and easily carried in a backpack.

8. Intelligent Power Saving: The case utilizes an intelligent magnetic chip induction, enabling features such as turning on, waking up, and sleep mode. This intelligent power-saving function can save up to 80% of power consumption.


Non-Apple branded products, Compatible with iPhone models

Overview :

1. Get rid of the shackles of the traditional way, the split type is more convenient and quicker to use. The built-in 51 powerful magnets are firmly attracted and not easily fall off.
2.3. The light transmittance of Meiguo bare metal increased by 99%
The lens is fully fitted, with complete coverage and comprehensive protection of the camera
4. Hidden pen slot, unimpeded Apple Pencil charging, and adsorption are convenient and fast and can prevent the loss of the pencil
5. Soft-sided hard shell, comprehensive protection, convenient disassembly and assembly without hurting the machine
6. The corners are raised, 0.3mm higher than the lens, can withstand distance impact and can withstand sharp scratches, and the corners can be protected
7. The slim and lightweight design makes the overall look thinner, better looking as thin as 1cm*, but it is very light for daily carrying, and can be easily carried in a backpack
8. Adopting intelligent magnetic chip induction, turn on, wake up, close sleep, intelligent power saving, can save 80% of power

Product information :

Material: Acrylic
Style: Clamshell
Popular elements: pure color
Sleep function: support
Color: lavender purple, black, space gray, night green, white ice orchid, baby pink, light green

Packing list: 1*protective shell

Packing list :

Tablet PC Case*1

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