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Girls Summer Child Shoes - Kids Casual Sandals

Girls Summer Child Shoes - Kids Casual Sandals

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Benefits :

1. Girls Summer Child Shoes: Specifically designed for girls during the summer season, providing comfortable and stylish footwear.

2. Applicable Age Options: The shoes are available in different size options suitable for various age groups, including toddler clothes (1-3 years old), small children's clothes (4-6 years old), and middle children's clothes (7-12 years old), ensuring a perfect fit for different age ranges.

3. Applicable Gender: Designed for female children, offering a feminine and trendy style.

4. Non-slip Function: The shoes are equipped with a non-slip feature, providing stability and safety while walking or playing.

5. Suitable for Summer: Specifically designed for the summer season, ensuring breathability and enhanced comfort during hotter months.

6. Beef Tendon Sole Material: The shoes feature a sole made of durable beef tendon material, offering flexibility and durability for prolonged use.

These benefits highlight the product's suitability for girls during the summer, different size options, non-slip function, season-appropriate design, and durable sole material. Overall, these features make the shoes an attractive choice for parents looking for comfortable and fashionable summer footwear for their girls.

Product information :

Applicable age: toddler clothes (1-3 years old), middle children's clothes (7-12 years old), small children's clothes (4-6 years old)
Applicable gender: female
Function: non-slip
Suitable season: summer
Sole material: beef tendon
Color: red, pink, yellow
Size: 21 inner lengths 13.3cm, 22 inner lengths 13.8cm, 23 inner lengths 14.3cm, 24 inner lengths 14.8cm, 25 inner lengths 15.3cm, 26 inner lengths 16cm, 27 inner lengths 16.5cm, 28 inner lengths 17.2cm, 29 Inner lengths 18cm, 30 inner lengths 18.5cm, 31 inner lengths 18.9cm, 32 inner lengths 19.5cm, 33 inner lengths 20.1cm, 34 inner lengths 20.7cm, 35 inner lengths 21.4cm, 36 inner lengths 22cm


Packing list :

Women's sandals*1


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Super cute

Excellent for them the look of a little lady

Thank you for your kind response