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Painting Robot for Kids and Students

Painting Robot for Kids and Students

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Benefits :

1. Creative Learning Companion: The Painting Robot serves as a helpful tool for parents and a companion for children, allowing them to explore their creativity and express their ideas through drawing. It stimulates the mind and encourages artistic development.

2. Guided Learning Experience: The robot is designed with the characteristics of children's drawing learning in mind. It provides patient guidance for each stroke, making it easy for children to learn and improve their drawing skills.

3. Progressive Skill Development: The robot offers a range of painting themes, starting from simple to complex. This progressive learning approach helps children enhance their basic painting skills while keeping the process interesting and engaging.

4. Comprehensive Learning: In addition to drawing, the robot incorporates a professional teaching system and picture book design. This enables children to not only learn drawing but also acquire related skills and knowledge, promoting a well-rounded learning experience.

5. Secure and Stable Design: The robot features a sturdy suction cup that ensures it stays in place while children are using it. The soft suction cup design at the bottom further prevents accidental falls, creating a safe and secure drawing environment.

6. English Instructions and Voice Mode: The electronic version of the robot includes English instructions, making it easy to understand and operate. Additionally, it offers an English mode for voice prompts, enhancing the user experience for English-speaking children and students.

Overview :

As a good helper for parents and a good companion for children to draw on the list of “pen” mind and wisdom “painting”;
According to the characteristics of children's drawing learning, patiently guide each stroke, easy to learn;
From simple to complex, the rich painting themes are both interesting and interesting, constantly improving children's basic painting skills;
Promote drawing, professional teaching system, and picture book design, so that children not only learn drawing but also learn drawing-related skills and knowledge;
The sturdy suction cup will not fall, and the soft suction cup design at the bottom can effectively prevent the machine from accidentally falling.

Specification :

Weight: 800g
Dimensions: 153 X 105 mm
Power: 5V2A
Working time: 4.5 hours
Battery: 2600mah
Category: Puzzle
Material: ABS environmental protection plastic
Version: English version
Language: English

1. The electronic version has English instructions
2. The electronic version of voice has English mode

Package Content :

1. Standard version: Data cable , painting coloring book, 24 painting cards, 26 letter learning cards, 30 painting expansion cards
2. Ultimate version: Data cable , supporting drawing tutorials, 40 learning cards, 26 letter learning cards, 60 drawing expansion cards


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