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Three in one wireless charger

Three in one wireless charger

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Benefits :

1. Versatile Charging: This wireless charger is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously, including iPhones, devices with micro USB ports, and devices with Type-C ports. It offers convenience and compatibility for various mobile phones.

2. 360° Rotating Cradle Charger: The charger features a 360° rotating cradle, allowing you to adjust the position of your device for optimal viewing angles while charging.

3. Wireless Fast Charging: The charger provides fast wireless charging capability, allowing you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently without the hassle of cables.

4. Smartwatch Charging Stand: The charger is designed with a dedicated stand for charging smartwatches. It provides a convenient and secure spot to charge your smartwatch while keeping it easily accessible.

5. Wireless Earphone Charging Base: The charger includes a base for wireless earphone charging. It eliminates the need for separate charging cables, providing a clutter-free charging solution for your wireless earphones.

6. Unique and Convenient Design: While charging, the cradle allows your device to stand upright, showcasing a unique and aesthetically pleasing side. This design adds convenience and beauty to your charging experience.

7. Safe and Secure Charging: The charger provides a safe home for your beloved devices, ensuring they are charged securely and protected during the charging process.

8. Synchronization Capability: With the help of the base connector port, you can easily access the charger for synchronization purposes. This allows for seamless data transfer between your device and other devices connected to the charger.

product information :


Colors: White, Black

Input: DC5V-3A, 9V-1.8A

Charger output: DC 5V-2 A

Wireless charger output: 10W

USB cable length: 1.2 meters

Product size: 230*90*57.5mm

Features : 

360°rotating cradle charger, iphone/micro/Type-C three-in-one charger, wireless fast charging, smart watch charging stand, wireless earphone charging base all in one.

Different mobile phones correspond to different charging ports.

When this cradle is charging, you can let your beloved machine support the charging,

Let it show a unique side when charging, which is convenient and beautiful.

Give love machine a safe home, wonderful you know!

With the help of the base, you can easily access the base connector port for synchronization or charging.

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